Beyond DanceSport, Ballroom & Latin, Smooth & Rhythm Dance Education

Our aim is to make dance of any style accessible to people of all ages and capabilities

throughout the world, such as DanceSport, Ballroom, Latin, Smooth, Rhythm, Disco,

Line Dance, Sequence, Wedding Dance...

We are also advocates of TaeKwon Dance, a new and exciting development set up in South Korea.  

Champions, SeHyoung Jang Don & Adele Jang Don




Education, SeHyoung Jang Don & Adele Jang Don



Champions, SeHyoung Jang Don & Adele Jang Don







Due to the latest craze of TV programs such as BBC's Strictly Come Dancing and USA's Dancing with the Stars, Ballroom and Latin Dancing has been brought to the forefront of our lives. This is one of the most popular competitive, social, and performance dance styles around, in the world today. There are many Ballroom and Latin dance studios and clubs situated all over the World!

The cutting edge of development for Ballroom and Latin dance in UK, USA, and Korea, DanceSport WORLD Education delivers IDTA and ISTD certified instruction, with over 20 years teaching experience between them, and countless, titles and awards. Dr. Jang and Adele Don put their time and effort into developing the dance communities, catering for the competitive students, the performance students and those who wish to come along just for the exercise, laughs and health benefits!!!

"To be the global DanceSport WORLD education for its people, recreation, competition, and performance. A world in which everyone can learn and experience the development of the body and spiritual movement with positive participation!" (Dr. Jang Don & Adele Don)