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SeHyoung Jang Don & Adele Jang Don
WORLD Dance Stars Dr. Jang & Adele Don

Go, Youngmin March 2015


World class dance stars Dr. Jang & Adele Jang Don performed in Greece.

Dr. SeHyoung Jang Don & Adele Jang Don
Dancing couple make ‘great comeback’ with win in USA

Hartlepool Mail Feb. 2012


After taking time out to be with family, Hartlepool woman Adele Don and her South Korean husband, Dr. Jang Don, returned to action in the USA. The couple won one title, placed second in another category and reached the final in a third.

Dr. SeHyoung Jang Don & Adele Jang Don
DanceSport Festival for the 70th Anniversary of Korean Independence

Kim, Soyoung August


Special Performance: Dr. Jang & Adele Don (특별공연: 장세형 박사 & 장아델 국가대표)

U.K. Open Professional 10(Ballroom & Latin) Dance Champions

World Professional Rising Star American Style Champions


Professional, Pro-Am, Adult & Children’s Showcase with Social Dance


Date: Sunday, August 30th, (5:00-9:00pm)

Location: Step By Step DanceSport

                  24 New Bridge Road Bergenfield, NJ 07621 

Sponsors: World Times, Inkfish Printing, World of Wing, Friends


Interview TV/ Radio & Media Teaching Experience




2017         Voice of America Documentary, ‘Dr. Jang & Adele Don's Beautiful Dance Life!, New Jersey, USA


2015         KBS WORLD Radio Interview, ‘Dr. Jang & Adele, World Professional Ballroom Dance Champions’, Seoul, Korea




2014        “World Champions Dr. Sehyoung Jang Don & Adele Jang Don” MK ch73 Cable TV, New Jersey, USA




2014        “World Professional Ballroom Dance Champions” Conversation with Public & Demonstration of Ballroom Dance

               (TKC channel 70) Whitestone, New York



2013        EBS Human Documentary ‘Family’, the World Class of Ballroom and Latin Dance Champions, SeHyoung and Adele’s                       challenge life. They have baby SungHee who was born in England. Their dream is to be World Professional Ballroom                     and Latin Champions whom practice 10 hours a day. Seoul, Korea  



2013        YTN Ch 27, ‘Global Korean’ SeHyoung Jang & Adele Jang Ballroom Dance Couple, Seoul, South Korea



2011        KBS Morning Talk Show ‘AChim MaDang’ Ballroom Dance Champion Couple, Seoul, South Korea



2010        BBC 2 Healthy Living Radio Hear Today’s Good News. England. “World dance glory one step away for Adele” TOP                         dancer Adele Jang Don will have to miss out on a traditional Christmas – because she’s bidding to become a world                       champion.”

TKC Channel 70

Interview Journal





2013          SungKyunKwan University Journal Vol. 37, Global Dance Star SeHyoung Jang Don receives Ph.D. (World Class Star in                      Ballroom Dance and DanceSport, Ph.D. in Department of Dance)



2011          Positive Thinking Journal (Together & Joy), International Ballroom Dance couple SeHyoung & Adele Jang became a                        British Professional Ballroom Show Dance Champions




Interview Newspaper




2015            ‘Dance Stars, World Tour Performances’ Dr. Sehyoung Jang & Adele Jang’ performances in Greece, England, & USA




2015             [인터뷰] ‘춤’으로 세계를 연결하는 무용가, 장세형 [Inteview] Connecting the World through 'Dance', Dr. Sehyoung                           Jang Don & Adele Jang Don |작성자 월드코리안신문



2014            ‘Dr. Jang & Adele won the Maryland DanceSport Championships’

                   Sehyoung & Adele won the professional rising star Latin category in Maryland, NY,USA, Korea Daily News



2013             DANCE FEVER Hartlepool Mail, England. “Dancing parents are back on the world scene in real style”. “They have been                     chosen to represent England for the European Professional Classical Showdance competition. The pair will also                               Represent the country in the World Professional Classical Showdance competition…”

                    interviewed by Chris Cordner,



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